06 September 2014

Film: Noah and The Drop

Noah  *** (out of 4)

Intriguingly watchable throughout, visually and for the story and characters. The world of the far (biblical) past imagined with a suitable level of the fantastic and sense of the mythic/grand/powerful. Russell Crowe strong, convincing; Emma Watson good; Ray Winstone does menacing well. Jennifer Connelly awkwardly overacts at times. Decently well done.

The Drop  *** 1/2 (out of 4)

Saw the world premiere at TIFF, with the cast and director in attendance. Tom Hardy exceptional as Bob, a quiet, seemingly unassuming New York bartender going about his days among gangsters and local street thugs. He rescues a puppy, meets a woman, deftly handles a suspicious cop, and does what needs to be done to keep everything together. James Gandolfini's final role; he's typically very good. Pacing, editing, cinematography slowly, expertly build tension to the climax. Ending is surprising, fitting, satisfying.

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